Read: Elrod Villa History from Arch Digest
Read: Elrod Villa History from Arch Digest
Ride Tesloop to Elrod Villa
Ride Tesloop to Elrod Villa
Play Elrod Villa Radio on Pandora
Play Elrod Villa Radio on Pandora
"Palm Springs: The Elrod Villa Way" Guidebook

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We needed a place to put some of the random bits and bobs related to Elrod Villa Palm Springs. So here it is. Discover more about traveling to PalmSprings, the history of Elrod Villa, and learn about our cool partners.




Fitness personality Rebecca-Louise rode Tesloop to Elrod Villa and packed a whole bunch of adventure into her 2-day Palm Springs trip. Recommendations for Tesloop, Elrod Villa, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Cheeky's, 849 and more...


Read about her experience and watch her videos in her travel blog.


Read/Watch: Rebecca-Louise Travel Blog: Pit Stop in Palm Springs


Elrod Villa Guide to Palm SpringsOur Guide to Palm Springs: Palm Springs, The Elrod Villa Way


Looking for recommendations or things to do in Palm Springs? This slightly cheeky, mobile-friendly guide lists some of our favorite Palm Springs restaurants, bars, nightlife and activity recommendations. At the end, it also links to other recent blog posts about Palm Springs that have their own recommendations. It’s totes free and stuff.


Read: Palm Springs: The Elrod Villa Way



Architectural Digest, 1975: A Sophisticated Oasis in the Desert


When first constructed in 1975, the home we now call Elrod Villa was featured in this fascinating Architectural Digest story, which describes the partnership between owner Sigmund E. “Sig” Edelstone and designer Hal Broderick of famed mid-century modern interior design firm Arthur Elrod and Associates. Amazingly, Broderick designed nearly every feature and fixture of the home—from the pool to the built-ins to the audio and electrical systems. Most of these survive to this day.


The astute reader will note that the story says the home is 1800 square feet and that what is now our Media Room opens up to the desert garden, rather than a second bedroom. We recently learned that, shortly after this article’s publication, Sig (at age 70) married his first wife Vivian for whom he had the second room (and its expansive closet!) built, brining the house to its current 2400 square feet of space.


Read: Architectural Digest: A Sophisticated Oasis in the Desert (PDF format)


Our Digital Brochure: Elrod Villa: Palm Springs Glamour


This mobile-friendly online brochure gives a quick overview of our luxury Palm Springs vacation rental using beautiful pictures and many quotes from recent guests. It’s a handy, “one page” way to share the basics of Elrod Villa with your friends.


Use it to tell your friends and family, “Hey, I want to go to here. Please take me here. Thanks."


Read: Elrod Villa: Palm Springs Glamour


Get in the Mood with Elrod Villa Radio on Pandora


We’re big fans of Pandora online radio and we have our own lovingly-curated station on Pandora. Visit and tune in to a laid-back mix of mid-century standards, shaken and stirred with a healthy pour of bossa nova, chillout and downtempo electronic tracks.


Imagine yourself chillaxing by the pool and, when you stay with us, you can stream Elrod Villa Radio from our dedicated iPad controller right to the whole-house audio system.


Listen: Elrod Villa Radio on Pandora


Look the Part with Trina Turk/Mr. Turk


We’re huge fans of Trina Turk’s Palm Springs-perfect line of resort-wear, swimwear and other fashions for women, men and home. Our friends at the flagship Trina Turk/Mr. Turk store—located just 1.4 miles from Elrod Villa—offer our guests a dedicated styling/shopping appointment with champagne and free gift-with-purchase. You’ll find a postcard with more info when you check in!


Their gorgeous Palm Springs store is located in the Uptown Design District of Palms Springs, near many other cool shops that specialize in mid-century design, antiques and furnishings.


Visit: Trina Turk and Mr. Turk


Unearthing Famed Palm Springs Designer Arthur Elrod & the Significance of Interior Design in Mid-century Modern Architecture


We attended a fantastic presentation at Modernism Week 2017 by Adele Cygelman (author of Palm Springs Modern). Titled “Elrod = Diamonds are Forever,” it gives brief overview of the life and career of famed mid-century modern interior designer Arthur Elrod (whose firm designed the interior of our home) as well as the history of his firm Elrod and Associates. We wrote up a brief summary, along with some video clips from the presentation.


Read: Unearthing Famed Palm Springs Designer Arthur Elrod on Medium


Coming from LA? Arrive in Style with Tesloop


We recently partnered with Tesloop, an innovative all-Tesla based transportation service, which offers round-trip service from various points around the greater Los Angeles service to many destinations in Palm Springs—including Elrod Villa. (See our announcement about the Tesloop/Elrod Villa partnership.)


Trips from LA to Elrod Villa via Tesloop are surprisingly affordable (under $79 each way) and you can save 20% by using our discount code ELRODVILLA20 at checkout when you book your trip.


Learn more: Tesloop


Medium Article: How to Book the Perfect Vacation Rental in Palm Springs


Your host, Keith, wrote this (very long, but useful) article on Medium about the differences between the various vacation rental booking sites, which includes some tips on how to inquire with vacation rental owners and other helpful information for guests who may be new to booking vacation rentals. It’s updated occasionally as market conditions change.


One of the primary tips is that, in most cases, booking directly with a vacation rental property is the lowest-cost way to reserve your stay.


Read: How to Book the Perfect Vacation Rental in Palm Springs (or Anywhere Else, for that Matter)




As in many municipalities in California, the issue of vacation rentals (aka “short term rentals” or “STRs”) has become somewhat contentious in the City of Palm Springs. I’ve attempted to quantify the impact of such rentals in Palm Springs by visualizing data from weekly summaries of complaint calls provided by the Palm Springs Vacation Rental Compliance Department.


Visit our “Palm Springs Vacation Rental Hotline Map” page for more details!

Map: Palm Springs Licensed Vacation Rental Map, with Hotline Call Data



Palm Springs Vacation Rental MapVacation Rental Owners & Neighbors of Palm Springs


Your hosts at Elrod Villa Palm Springs are members of VRON-PS, an organization dedicated to preserving Palm Springs’ rich history of vacation rentals and home-sharing through education, awareness, and the promotion of responsible vacation rental ownership and management.


We encourage other Palm Springs vacation rental owners to join us!


Learn more: Vacation Rental Owners & Neighbors of Palm Springs

Palm Springs Vacation Rental Map

Palm Springs Vacation Rental Map

Palm Springs Vacation Rental Map