Palm Springs Vacation Rental Agencies

Other Vacation Rental Agents and Property Management Firms Serving Palm Springs, CA | August 2017 List


palm springs vacation rental agencies imageWhile we wish that Elrod Villa could serve every guest looking for a Palm Springs vacation rental, well, we're just one placeā€”and we're not bookable for ever day out of the year. So there are times that we need to refer guests to other unique homes in the area. Here's a list of some of the better-known Palm Springs rental agencies with links to their direct booking sites.


While you can search for homes via Airbnb or VRBO (and we've written at length about how to get best results when using Airbnb or VRBO for finding Palm Springs vacation rentals), sometimes it's easiest to go direct to a vacation rental agency (sometimes called a property management company) to find and book the ideal Palm Springs house for your stay.


At present, roughly half of Palm Springs vacation rentals are represented by property management firms like these, with the other half being independently managed by their owner/operators.


Vacation rental agencies (and individual homes with direct booking sites like ours) offer several unique advantages over the online travel agency VR sites, including:

  1. You can talk to a live human being to help find and book the right vacation house for your needs.
  2. If you're not ready to talk, most/all of these have booking search engines for the subsets of vacation rental properties they have available.
  3. As I've described in the three articles linked above, you can eliminate booking fees by booking direct (and trust me, there's really no difference between booking via a listing site and booking directly from the management company or owner).


Vacation Rental Agencies in Palm Springs

In no particular order, here's the list of some of the better known vacation rental agencies in Palm Springs, along with a short summary. (BTW, if there are other important rental agents that you think we've missed, do send us an email at [email protected].) Links will open in a new window.

Vacation Palm Springs

One of the largest, oldest and best known vacation rental management firms in Palm Springs, "VPS" is now owned by hotel chain Wyndham Worldwide Corporation. Vacation Palm Springs also sells vacation rental properties. It is not necessarily one of the best-reviewed firms, but this might relate to its longevity in the Palm Springs market.

Oranj Palm Vacation Homes

Well known for its local Palm Springs advertising, its highly-recognizable logo and good web presence, this property management firm represents more than 200 vacation rental properties at present.

Mod Mansions

Positioned primarily as a luxury Palm Springs vacation rental agency, Mod Mansions manages an inventory of high-end and mid-range homes, many of which are architecturally significant. A high level of service and amenities seems to be one of their key value propositions. Cool website, as well.

ACME House Company Vacation Rentals

ACME manages more than 100 Palm Springs vacation rental homes in a variety of styles and price points.

McLean Company Rentals

One of the a larger and better-known vacation rental agencies in Palm Springs, McLean has listings for luxury vacation rental homes, more modest rental houses, and vacation rental condos. They also manage some event venues and wedding vacation rental homes. This firm is also a realty company and sells homes in Palm Springs as well. They've been very active in the effort to keep vacation rentals legal and responsibly managed in Palm Springs.

Altamira Vacation Rentals

Manages a couple dozen mid-range vacation rental properties in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Getaways

Manages several dozen mid-range (and a couple of low-cost options) Palm Springs vacation rentals.

Beau Monde Villas by Natural Retreats

Manages some amazing luxury vacation rental estates as well as mid-range rental properties in Palm Springs as well as the broader Coachella Valley. Worth noting: Natural Retreats was acquired earlier in 2017 by... Airbnb.

GBGB Vacation Home Rentals

Not exactly a management firm as they have just two Palm Springs vacation rental properties, but they have a great social media presence and are fairly well known locally.

Relax Palm Springs

Manages several dozen Palm Springs vacation rental properties including a couple of large estate homes.


Luxury Retreats

Represents 44 Palm Springs villas and vacation rental homes in Palm Springs, and additional rental properties in the broader Coachella Valley. Like the name implies, there's a focus on high-end, "luxury" properties, many of them with historic significance. Of note, they also manage an Arthur Elrod designed home, "Arthur Elrod's Escape" (which was Elrod's actual residence for a time before he moved into the famed "Elrod House.")