Vacation Rentals in Palm Springs:

Findings from Nearly 6 Months of City of Palm Springs Vacation Rental Hotline Reports


I've been tracking the data from City of Palm Springs vacation rental compliance department on a weekly basis since they started publishing weekly reports in February of 2017. Now that there are nearly 6 months of published reports (23 weeks), I wanted to summarize some of the key findings in an interesting way.


So, I created this nifty infographic which summarizes some of the most interesting information that comes out of those reports. If you'd like to know more about this project and the source of this data, check out my vacation rental hotline maps project page.


Want the original version of this chart to share or embed in your own blog/website? Instructions are found at the end of this page. For the original version of this vacation rental infographic, find it on Piktochart here.




‚ÄčUsing this Infographic on your Own site


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